HOW TO MAKE A WEBSITE step by step tutorial

HOW TO MAKE A WEBSITE step by step tutorial

How to make your free websites tutorial - This is the easiest way step by step tutorial to make a website in minutes. You don't have to know any HTML language knowledge. You can have your own free websites in minutes even you're a beginner. The first thing to make a website is have a website templates. You can make you own templates using microsoft frontpage or microsoft office publisher. Or the easiest way is search for free website templates.

After you have your free templates than use microsoft front page to edit it and fill it with your content. Or if you wanna use my free template just click here. That template is the easiest template to be edit. After it show on your browser on the view source on your browser (internet explorer) click on view then source.

After that you'll see a note pad file

Click on edit - select all- copy than close the note pad. Now Click on Back button of your browser for further instruction.

Now open your microsoft frontpage than click the html tab

After that click on edit - select all than paste. Now click on the normal tab than you'll see your template ready to edit. If you see a blank box you can delete it or replace it with your images or logo.

Just replace all of my content with yours than save it as index.

Index or index html is the default file that will be your home page.
In case you wanna make other pages than you can save them and name your files as anything you want.
If your websites containt more than one pages than you should add link (hyperlink) that conecting one pages to other.
To add link to other pages you can block a word or click on image than press insert hyperlink . After that click on the file you wanna link to than press OK.

After your pages ready now you're ready to upload your templates.

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