Upload website templates to the web hosting

Upload website templates to the web hosting

Before you upload your templates, you must login into your account. Go to your web hosting provider than click on the client log in link. But if you don't have your own account yet, than please register to have one. After you have the account than you can start to upload your website templates.

1. Go to your Cpanel

2. Go to file manager

3. From the file nanager panel click on public html (public html is the only area that your visitor can see your files)

4. Click on upload

5. Browse every files you want to upload then

6. Click on submit

Or else you can make a website using their free automatic website builder software. If you 're using this free software than you will see your website up and running in a few minutes.
1. On the Cpanel click on website bulder
2. Go to site builder then click next
3. Select template (graphic design)
4.Click on the next step
5. Fill your website name, meta tags etc,
6. Click go install my website

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