Define link popularity of a website

Define link popularity of a website

Link popularity is a search engines algorithm. The way of search engines value link popularity of a website is by counting the number of external links that point to website.

Every link from other site to yours is a vote, and number play a big part on it. The greater the number is the more it's popularity in the eye of search engine.

Ilustration about link popularity in the real life.
If you need to buy a high quality and cheap dvd player, than you will need to ask some questions to some people about where to buy it. You might ask to your families, friends, neighbours etc.

If 70% of them ponting to ABC store, and 30 % pointing to XYZ store then you will go to the ABC first.

How to build link popularity.
Building link popularity is building links from other sites to yours. You can do it by listing your site on the web directories, giving comments on others blog, making dummy blogs or sites etc. And under every comments you make get your url on it using your key phrases.

It is important to use your keywords/phrases on your anchor text links.
Assume your site selling dvd's then you have to build link from other site using pharses "buy dvd's", "cheap dvd's" etc.

Please note : "dont use the same key phrase in every link you make and don't point every links to your home page" search engine might think you are spaming.

Get links from high PR sites
Page rank (PR) is a scale 1 to 10. It's determine how important a site is. The higher it is the more search engine trust it.

If you are asking where to buy cheap dvd player to a little kid and then asking the same question to an adult then you will follow the adult one.

The older site use to be has a higher the PR, site with more link popularity use to be has higher the PR.