How to make your website searchable

How to make your website searchable

Making your website searchable is an important part after your website created and online. Unless you don't want anybody find it on the web ofcourse.

There is so many way to make your website searchable. You can do it by your self submitting your website address to the search engine and web directory or you might want to try an automated search engine submittions.

There is a lot of search engine nowaday. But this is the fact, submitting your website to google and yahoo would be more than enought. If your website indexed by google and yahoo that mean it will be indexed by altavista, msn and other search engine.

But it is necessary to get listed on the web directories and other sites since google and yahoo using link popularity for their algorithm.

Before we talk about link popularity
Here is the url for submit your website to google

And this is the url for submiting to yahoo

Next step to make your website searchable

The next level to make a website being searchable is using some SEO techniques implemented to your web. SEO is the acronym for "search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) or" search engine optimizer "(Search Engine Optimizer), which gives us a series of clues and techniques to interpret the mode of operation search engines.
There is two major SEO techniques you should do. The first one is the onpage SEO and the other one is link popularity (offpage SEO).
On page SEO is how to optimize your web content to make the search engine know what is your site's content is about.

Here is you can do for onpage optimization :
1. Content
What users see vs. what are the search engines. Users can watch and / or read the website but search engines can only read the programming code with which they are developed and, even today, still can not read them all equally, for example, Flash has recently joined Google results but can not be optimized as HTML. Graphics, sounds and videos are part of a page that search engines can not decipher it is for this reason that the positioning work is based on HTML tags and text.

In conclusion, the main goal HTML tags to keep in mind for a good positioning are:

Before entering into any other theme or gimmick positioning is important to define the titles of our pages, which should make a brief reference to the content of the page to which you are assigning, taking care to include the most important word describe the page or section to which we refer.

Individual short description or abstract of the document as a meta tag that summarizes in a brief and concise content of the document and that may appear below the title in the "SERP's (search results pages of search engines.)

H1, H2, H3
Correspond to the holders of any websites, so that the text you include in this tag will be taken into account for the contents of the page. Its importance depends on the number that accompanies them, H1 being the most important and so on until H6. You should only use a single level page and not found much use beyond the H4.

The relevance of your website content
Relevance is an important point, this means that any word used in the title and meta tags of the page in question should be included within the text content of the page. It is noteworthy that some practices are penalized by search engines such as using hidden text and word lists.

You try to be as descriptive as possible and semantically also facilitate proper indexing of the document. As an example: / activity-main.html
To strengthen the content of the page and improve your position in search engines is important that labels view the URL above and have the same content.

Are not read by search engines, but you can rename them or give them descriptive attributes to facilitate indexing. A picture of a cat whose name is "12345.jpg" is not very descriptive, but if you change it to "gato.jpg" and you're telling the search engines what is that picture. And you can add the ALT attribute, very important for accessibility of documents and for proper indexing, with a description of the photo, in this case ALT = "a gray cat," and that will also serve people with disabilities be aware of their visual content.

Outgoing links
They are also an important factor in the confidence that generates a site. Always try to add value to the user through the content with outbound links. Since your users can not navigate all the available web pages: Convert your reference page with unique content and a number of resources that extend and complement the information.

Finally, your site should include a file sitemap.xml , a map of your site to facilitate proper indexing by search engines.

2. Indexability

This concept refers to the ownership of the page to be properly indexed by search engine robots, allowing access to all corners, facilitating navigation and showing all its contents clearly.

Meta tags
The Meta Tags are code in the header is not visible on screen when displaying the page. There are several types of Meta-Tags and they do a description of the content and features we want that search engines take into account.

* Meta Robots : This tag is only necessary if you want that page is not indexed in search engines.
* Meta Description : This tag is important because it allows us to make a more profound than in the title, which we refer to the page content.
* Meta Keywords : Perhaps this one is no longer important for search engine, but you must use all the techniques to be successful.

3. Link popularity

Do you want your website to be more searchable on the internet ? Well, link popularity is the best part of SEO (especially for Google).

Definition: Link popularity refers to the number of links pointing to a page on the Web. A popular Web site tends to have large numbers of these backlinks, and obscure Web pages have very few.

Link popularity is a factor in determining PageRank, and PageRank is part of what is used to determine where pages are ranked in Google search results.

The more your site to be mature is the more your site to be popular. If you have a great content on it, than the link popularity will be grown by it self.